White is an elegant color. Girls are wearing white sarees to the wedding and turning the tables. A decade ago, it might have been out of trend to wear white to an Indian wedding. Fashion has certainly changed with time, and a white silk saree is a preferred wedding outfit for many girls.

If you’re planning to weara white or off-white saree at your best friend’s wedding, make sure you know if that suits your style. There are different variants available, and you can choose from various fabrics. But what’s interesting about wearing a white silk saree is how you style it. You can go for a Sonam Kapoor look with all white and gold or create your style statement. Either way, you should know how to style a white saree.

We’ve got a few styling tips that you can follow and look your best in an ethnic white ensemble. Here you go.

Pick a colorful blouse

Wear a White Silk Saree to Your BFF’s Wedding Sarees

You don’t have to go all white when wearing a white/off-white saree. A decent color contrast always works in making you look stunning. So, if you’ve got a pure white saree, you can choose a colorful blouse. Choose from blue, orange, and green colors. You can try it before you make this combination happening.

If your white silk saree has a colorful border, say in pink, you can wear a pink blouse that matches your saree border. Even if you select a white blouse, make sure the borders are embroidered.

Choose statement jewelry

Wear a White Silk Saree to Your BFF’s Wedding Sarees

You can experiment a lot with an off-white saree. Accessorize it beautifully, and you’re all set to earn laurels for your fashion choice. That said, you may need expert designers to tell you what to wear with a white and off-white saree for wedding. Let us help. Pick either jhumkas or choker if you want to make a stylish presence. You can wear both if you’re going for a traditional saree look.

Wear decent makeup

Wear a White Silk Saree to Your BFF’s Wedding Sarees

Let your white silk saree shine. It can happen only when you’re wearing decent makeup. Keep it light and glowing. You don’t need to put much effort into choosing the right blush or the perfect lip color. All you need is kajal and a smooth lip shade. If you’re attending a South Indian wedding, you must wear a bindi to complete the look.

Carry a nice potli bag

Wear a White Silk Saree to Your BFF’s Wedding Sarees

A clutch or a potli bag adds style to your overall look. Gone are the days of carrying a long handbag that used to be tacky and inconvenient. Nowadays, you can don a regal look by carrying a designer clutch or a small potli bag. There are hundreds of colors and styles available in a clutch or potli bag. You can easily find potli bags and clutches with mirror work. Make sure to buy the one that complements your white saree.

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