In India, it’s the festival season. There are a million sprightly movements taken towards it as the ground prepares to fade off with the nostalgia of fall settling in. Enjoying the good old autumn feelings, the season of crisp air and the romanticism of rustling leaves becomes even more energising with festivities in full swing. And country festivities have never shied away from embracing traditions and customs, as well as bringing out the rustics and women ethnic wear brands. To help you pick through your festive ethnic wear, we’ve compiled a top 12 list of Indian women ethnic wear brands to help you go desi in style.

Best Women Ethnic Wear Brands
Top 12 Best Women Ethnic Wear Brands to Try in India

Top 12 Best Women Ethnic Wear Brands in India



Perhaps what distinguishes Fabindia from the rest of the Indian ethnic clothing businesses is its home, which is based on cultural history. To add a sense of true Indianness to all Fabindia goods, the best artisan skills are painstakingly created in the finery of handloom textiles.

The shine and glitter of the kurtis and sarees, salwars and skirts quickly identify with women ethnic wear brands FabIndia, thanks to the materials of silk, cotton, and jute. Fabindia is the way to go desi if you have the cash to back yourself up. Relying on the richness of traditions to churn out traditional apparel in colourful and ethnic detailings, Fabindia is the way to go desi if you have the cash to back yourself up.

Fabindia incorporates current cuts and western flair to increase the broad appeal of its traditional clothing. It aims to exhibit at least some sense of Indianness in its western attire, making it a timeless brand to seek out for any and all needs.



BIBA is the master of minimalistic glam. BIBA offers it everything, from contemporary tunics to comfortable kurtis, exquisite salwar suits to stunning anarkalis, and even a selection of distinctive simple churidars and dupattas.

The flexibility of BIBA is maybe what has pushed it to the top of the list of Indian women ethnic wear brands companies. BIBA spruces up daily clothing with the same ease that it spruces up special event attire. BIBA apparels are a great choice among Indian ladies since they are branded and priced reasonably. BIBA attracts because of its efforts to produce everything for everyone, including a luxury collection called BIBA by Rohit Bal and a value fashion brand called Rangriti.

When BIBA creates its truly desired collection, it carefully considers product quality and fabric texture. The women ethnic wear brands prioritises comfort, which is expertly represented in distinctive, eye-pleasing patterns to bring out the desi in you.

The business focuses on gorgeous and unusual designs and patterns to create fantastic mix-and-match fashion wear as well as no-fuss everyday outfits. The Indian influence is evident in their goods, whether in the fabric or the design, which is why BIBA is so popular among ethnic wear fans.

W for Woman

W for Woman
W for Woman

W is one of the most well-known brands in the fashion industry, thanks to its wide selection of products as well as its focus on affordability. W is a staple presence when it comes to enumerating the list of Indian women ethnic wear brands companies, with the most distinctive patterns brought to life in whimsical motifs on feel-soft materials. W has made traditional preferences evolve quite a bit by being both contemporary and traditional.

While W’s kurtis are typically attractive, they do provide more adaptations of the mix and match trend, especially when steeped in heritage. It’s also the fabric that gives the patterns a unique aspect, but W kurtis are naturally associated with the contemporary Indian lady. In fact, the brand’s moniker, W for Woman, is a nod to female sensibilities.

Even the cuts are interpreted in ways that straddle the line between true heritage and elegance, ensuring that they are distinctly Indian. W, like genuine fusion clothing, doesn’t go overboard with its festive offers, focusing instead on refinement rather than flair to entice numerous Indian women to buy its gowns.

W creates daily wear with the same care and attention to detail as its holiday line, enticing even more with its simple charm to make all of its offers as alluring. W for Woman is the brand you go to for all your ethnic requirements. It’s youthful, contemporary, and full of feel-good feelings.


Melange seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary workwear to create an ethnic line that is as exquisite as it is casual. Melange apparels can be anything from adorned to rustic, but they all have a distinct style that sets them apart from the rest of the typical fare on sale.

Furthermore, Melange distinguishes out as a one-of-a-kind product for males in an otherwise specialised establishment. The apparels churned out by Melange under Lifestyle are shaped by traditional Indian crafts and hand embroidery embellishing excellent materials. The women ethnic wear brands collection from Melange includes sarees and kurtis, ladies tops and jackets, salwars and dupattas, top palazzos and shararas for ladies, and shirts or kurtas and waist coats for men, as well as some exquisite Indian footwear.

Rain And Rainbow

Rain and Rainbow is a women ethnic wear brands clothing with India written all over it. Their kurtis and anarkalis are really stunning, whether it’s the vivid Rajasthani deluge of hues or the beautiful Indian patterns that dot their designs.

Rain & Rainbow’s products feature intricate embroidery and thread work, which is a clear reflection of traditional India. The brand’s beaded and sequined, threaded and tasselled gowns are as lovely as they need to be to make your India detour as festively enjoyable and lavishly satisfying as possible!

Global Desi

Global Desi
Global Desi

Global Desi is the ‘salvation’ for people who desire their women ethnic wear brands with gobs of luxury. You can pull off the brand’s creative, unique classic items with elegance and ease since they are a wonderful combination of East and West. And with famous fashion designer Anita Dongre at the lead, one can only expect the best from this meticulously selected label that ranks among the top Indian ethnic wear companies.

Global Desi understands how to play with your imaginations in such a way that it tickles every sense, combining colours with fusion patterns and a variety of cuts to make its ethnic offering even more unique and diversified. The brand’s more appropriate adaptation is boho-chic, which explains why even its traditional attire appears to be so individual and special.

Apart from the designer label, the colours are as vibrant as the luxury feel of the textiles, making the women ethnic wear brands a high-priced study of all things women ethnic wear brands. The Global Desi line is youthful and trendsetting, exuding zesty vibes and new feelings to make your foray into tradition seem as special as any event!


Anouk by Myntra is an Indian ethnic clothing company that redefines conventional beauty standards by being big rather than subtle. Its creative designer is the colourful Masaba Gupta. Given that ethnic has always been linked with modest deals and muted auras, this is very groundbreaking.

Anouk’s products are edgy and bright, and they’re almost as lively as Gupta herself. Anouk is unquestionably the name to look for among the list of Indian ethnic wear businesses for today’s Indian ladies, thanks to its unconventionally lively designs. Anouk, who is young, outspoken, and passionate, allows Indianness speak through its happiest gifts.


You are not alone if you were taken aback by the same-but-different kurtis worn by Aurelia and W. TCNS Clothing co. ltd owns both women ethnic wear brands, which explains why their women ethnic wear brands products are laid-back traditional with plenty of contemporary suggestions. However, despite their similar veins of design, they each have their own individual approach to fusion, making it simple to distinguish one from the other.

Aurelia incorporates ancient patterns and motifs into western shapes and cuts to achieve the ideal balance of elegance and funk. The clothing variety offered by the brand, from kurtars and salwar suits to palazzos and churidaars, quickly communicates comfort.

Even the Aurelia everyday wear may function as festive ensembles when combined and accessorised correctly, making it more affordable than most other names on the list. That in itself demonstrates how flexible and handy Aurelia has proven to be as a women ethnic wear brands, with the name and no-complacence attitude growing in popularity by the day.

Haute Curry

Although the moniker is an upmarket term, Haute Curry’s entirely traditional line embodies authentic Indian sensibility. Haute Curry ethnics are certain to make you feel joyful and lucky, with their trendy and creative fashion items emitting current feelings.

The diverse appeal of Haute Curry makes it a must-have on the list of Indian women ethnic wear brands companies. Here is a brand that is specially selected by one of the larger names in everyday Indian fashion- Shoppers Stop- for kurtas and anarkalis, kaftans and dupattas, and even a variety of accessories. Haute Curry’s vivid tailoring of everything ethnic to the soul brings fusion to life.

Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar, a Padma Shree awardee, runs another designer line that embodies the attraction of ethnic charm. Though not exactly inexpensive, the company does provide classic ensembles that are at least realistic at the top end of the fashion circuit, especially given the haute couture tag.

The beautiful assortment that characterises the brand in its finer form is dominated by style and grace. Ritu Kumar’s unique line, which aims to bring out the inner diva in you in every season and event, brings beauty to life. The women ethnic wear brands regal touch is combined with festive feelings to make you feel like royalty.


Shree, a lifestyle women ethnic wear brands, demonstrates that fashion does not have to be expensive. With the broad variety of goods this brand embodies, you may be casual stylish, party popper, comfort hoarding, delicate day-outer, workaholic, or traveller at ease. When you need to seem perky and attractive in ethnics, Shree- The India Avatar is your finest choice.

Shree’s diverse kurtis and salwars are further enhanced by international styles, ensuring that you will stand out from the crowd. Shree allows you to be every version of yourself, every time! Pastels or pops, toned downs or stand outs- Shree allows you to be every version of yourself, every time!


When it comes to being true to one’s roots, nothing beats an Indian saree. And Nalli is one company that gives you a full sense of ethnicity, with sarees and outfits that make you seem like the highly figurative yet loved “ideal Indian woman.”

The sheer emphasis on keeping loyal to the origins is what makes Nalli a must-have on the list of Indian women ethnic wear brands companies. Nalli does not pursue fusion; instead, it uses earthy Indian components in its outfits to maintain and express your authentic Indian spirit.

Traditional silks, lightweight variants such as crepes and chiffons, and even gold and silver embossed designer sarees from Nalli are available. The brand also maintains a fair pricing point, making it accessible to the broad middle class. Etnische by Nalli brings more contemporary yet classic clothes to life.