A Slit Kurti is a type of traditional Indian clothing that combines the beauty and elegance of a traditional Kurti with modern fashion trends. It has two slits, one in the front and one in the back, making it look stylish and fashionable. It is usually made from light fabrics like cotton or silk, which makes it comfortable to wear throughout the year. The beautiful embroidery work on these Kurtis adds an extra touch of class to them.

Slit Kurtis have become very popular due to their versatility; they can be worn for both formal occasions as well as casual outings. Apart from looking chic and trendy, these Kurtis are also quite affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank every time you want a new outfit! You can easily buy slit Kurtis online at reasonable prices without compromising on quality or style.

Styles of Slit Kurtis

  • The Straight Slit Kurti: The Straight Slit Kurti is the classic version of a slit kurti and has two slits, one on each side. This style is usually simple in design but looks stylish when paired with matching leggings or trousers. It can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. You can also accessorize this look with long necklaces and statement earrings for an even more fashionable touch.
straight slit kurti
  • The Angrakha Slit Kurti: The Angrakha Slit Kurti features a wrap-style front panel that overlaps onto itself, creating a unique silhouette that flatters many body types. The overlapping panels create interesting shapes while providing ample coverage to keep you comfortable all day long. This style is best suited for formal occasions such as weddings, engagements, and family functions where you want to make a grand entrance!
Angrakha slit kurti
  • A-Line Slit Kurti: Finally, the A-Line Slit Kurti has an A-line shape which gives it an elegant yet modern look. The flattering cut along with its slightly flared hem makes it perfect for any type of event from casual outings to formal parties! With minimalistic details like embroidery work on the sides or around the collarbone area, this style will instantly glam up your entire outfit!
A-line kurti

Mix and Match Ideas

One great way to mix western wear with Slit Kurtis is by pairing a classic denim jacket with an embroidered or printed Kurti. This look can be styled for both day and night occasions depending on the accessories you choose to pair with it. For a more casual look, opt for a plain cotton Kurti paired with jeans and white sneakers, while for dressier events like weddings or parties, go for embellished pieces in bold colors like reds and pinks.

Another fun way of mixing ethnic wear with slit Kurtis is by pairing them with palazzo pants or straight-cut salwar suits. This combination looks effortlessly stylish and adds a touch of femininity to your outfit that’ll definitely make heads turn! Choose from various color combinations such as pastel shades or bright hues to make your ensemble stand out even more. To complete the look, add some traditional jewelry pieces such as jhumkas or maang tikka along with matching footwear like Kolhapuri chappals.

Overall, there are endless ways of mixing up different types of clothing when it comes to styling Slit Kurtis! Whether you’re going out on a date night or attending an important event, these outfits are sure to be eye-catching without compromising on comfort levels. So go ahead and experiment until you find the perfect combo that works best for you!


The benefits of wearing a Slit Kurti are numerous. They provide the perfect balance between traditional and modern fashion, allowing you to look stylish without compromising on comfort. These Kurtis also come in various designs, colors, and fabrics so that you can find one which will suit your individual style perfectly. In addition to this, slit Kurtis are quite affordable and easily available online or at local stores making them accessible to everyone.

When choosing the right Slit Kurti for yourself it is important to pay attention to the fabric used as well as the fit of the garment. For hot summer days opt for lightweight materials like cotton or linen while heavier fabrics like silk would be more suited for winter months. Additionally, make sure that the length of your dress flatters your body shape and size; if it’s too long then it might not look right on you! Lastly, choose a color palette that best suits your complexion as this will help bring out all of your features in an attractive way.