Ever since the peacock lehenga took the fashion market by storm, fashion designers have been launching the multicolor bridal lehenga collection in different styles. All credit goes to Sabyasachi Mukherjee for introducing this to the masses, and the rest is history. It looks rich and royal on brides.

The next trend we saw was Priyanka Chopra’s multicolor bridal lehenga from her wedding collection. Now, girls are not shying away from experimenting and choosing neon colors as well. It’s all about looking like a diva at weddings. Even if it’s an engagement party, you got to look your best.

Let’s look at bridal lehenga styles that are creating the buzz for being vibrant and colorful.

The Neon Lehenga

Who would have thought that a bridal lehenga can be any color other than red? Well, fashion evolved with time! If you follow wedding fashion pages on Instagram, you can easily see loads of designer creations on your feed.

Neon Bridal Lehenga

When it comes to choosing a lehenga for brides, the sky is the limit! Thanks to the Indian designers who made efforts to introduce such a style that is modern and trendy. While Priyanka Chopra’s red wedding lehenga inspired many brides to go for a similar shade, there’s an equal craze for multicolor bridal lehengas.

The Peacock Lehenga

We did mention it earlier. Well, one can’t get enough of this beautiful style. So, this bridal lehenga comes with embroidery work and catches the eye for its pleasant colors. The dupatta and blouse are a contrast to the lehenga skirt, decorated in the peacock color. Now let’s talk about styling it. Whether it’s an engagement or you’re gracing your friend’s wedding, you need to stay on top of your fashion game.

Shine Bright in a Multicolor Bridal Lehenga This Wedding Season Sarees

Wear minimal jewelry to allow your outfit to shine. Choose a bangle bracelet over bangles to set the trend. We recommend carrying a nice potli bag that complements your lehenga. You must wear a nice pair of high heels to walk the talk.

The Tri-color lehenga

If you’re thinking about the Indian flag, you’re partially correct! Any bride will look gorgeous wearing the tri-color of the nation. With that said, it’s also about other colors that make a perfect combination, like orange, black, and white. Another great combination is pink, blue, and silver. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to look beautiful in your bridal lehenga.

Tri-color lehenga

When it comes to styling a multicolor bridal lehenga, it’s often a tricky thing! Since you already have colors that shine, you can step back and choose statement jewelry pieces only. Do not go overboard wearing dramatic jewelry like multicolor jhumkas or bangles. It’s all about looking your perfect self.

The Geometrical Print

After men embraced the trend of wearing geometrical-print kurtas, women have been exploring this style with enthusiasm. A multicolor bridal lehenga in geometrical print gives you an edge over other brides. Not only do you look like a vision, but you also inspire others with your fashion sense. Again, it’s not easy to accessorize a geometrical print since there will be too much of a design element involved in the making. So, you can choose a stylish choker and a long pair of jhumkas. You can go for silver bangles if it matches your outfit.

Geometric Print lehenga

Use this information to choose your next designer outfit, probably a multicolor bridal lehenga. You can visit the Readiprint Fashions store online to look through the latest styles. You can also browse a wide range of suits, sarees, and dresses to create a wedding collection.

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