How to Style Your Bridal Banarasi Silk Sarees to Be A Unique Bride
How to Style Your Bridal Banarasi Silk Saree to Be A Unique Bride

Every bride’s top choice when discussing wedding attire is a banarasi silk sarees since they are timeless and extremely glamorous. All guests pause to admire a lady’s beauty when she enters the wedding venue wearing a flawless and gorgeous Banarasi saree. A stunning banarasi silk sarees can enhance the allure of the bride.

Women are often wondering how they can style Banarasi silk sarees in unique ways to be the focal point on their wedding day. There are several unique ways to style a bridal Banarasi saree. We are giving here some easy but excellent styling tricks to wear bridal Banarasi saree. Check out these tricks and wear your bridal Banarasi in a stunning way to be a unique bride.

Tips to Wear Banarasi Silk Sarees in the Most Unique and Attractive Way

Banarasi silk saree is the wardrobe staple of almost every bride in India. These luxurious sarees can definitely make you look like a royal queen on your most special day. To match different needs and choices, designers have created a wide variety of banarasi silk sarees such as kanchipuram royal banarasi saree, Banarasi soft silk saree, Banarasi soft silk saree and a lot more. 

The most challenging thing is to style a banarasi silk sarees in a perfect way to look unique. Most of the ladies prefer traditional style to wear Banarasi saree on their wedding day, but these days, some modern ladies want to try some unique styles to look different and attractive on their wedding day. For them, we have mentioned some easy but unique steps to style Banarasi silk saree. 

1. Wear Belt with Your Banarasi Silk Saree

How to Style Your Bridal Banarasi Silk Saree to Be A Unique Bride
Wear Belt with Your Banarasi Silk Saree

Belts are very versatile fashion accessories that look great with every type of clothing, including sarees, Kurtis, skirts, and so on. Putting on an embellished or stylish belt around your bridal Banarasi silk sarees is a trendy and unique way to style bridal Banarasi silk sarees. 

Use the saree’s pallu to create flawless pleats. To fit the pallu snugly around the waist, add a fashionable metallic belt or an embellished belt. It will give a contemporary and chic bridal look. If you wish to be a modern and fashionable bride, then you should opt for this styling method to wear Banarasi silk saree.

2. Wear A Fashionable Jacket Blouse

Wear A Fashionable Jacket Blouse
Wear A Fashionable Jacket Blouse

This is a terrific styling tip to wear Banarasi silk saree.

You might be thinking that a modern jacket blouse cannot be matched with elegant and traditional banarasi silk sarees. But the stylish and embellished jacket blouse will add additional elegance and attractiveness to your bridal appearance and create a contrast in style. 

Different styles of jacket blouses are available in the market that can be matched beautifully with a gorgeous Banarasi silk sarees and you will get a contrasting and contemporary bridal look. You will be able to make an attractive style statement by wearing a jacket blouse with your bridal banarasi saree.

3. Drape Your Bridal Banarasi Silk Sarees Like A Lehenga

Drape Your Bridal Banarasi Silk Saree Like A Lehenga
Drape Your Bridal Banarasi Silk Saree Like A Lehenga

If you love both gorgeous lehengas and traditional Banarasi sarees, and are getting confused to choose any of them for your D-day, then you should drape your gorgeous Banarasi saree like a lehenga. This is such an excellent styling trick to wear Banarasi silk saree. 

Drape your bridal Banarasi saree in lehenga style, pair it up with a banarasi dupatta in a contrasting shade to spruce up the appearance, and for added grace, team it with traditional and golden accessories for boosting your ethnic look and achieving a royal bridal appearance.

4. Wear A Gorgeous Dupatta with Your Banarasi Saree

Wear A Gorgeous Dupatta with Your Banarasi Saree
Wear A Gorgeous Dupatta with Your Banarasi Saree

Dupatta is the most important element of every bridal attire. Wearing a gorgeous and stunning dupatta with your bridal Banarasi saree can make the saree look more royal and alluring. Therefore, you have to try this essential styling method to wear Banarasi silk saree. 

A huge variety of bridal dupattas are available for brides such as zari dupatta, velvet dupatta, silk dupatta, net dupatta, georgette dupatta, designer dupatta, Banarasi dupatta and so on. If you want to be the most glamorous and royal bride with your bridal banarasi saree then carry the regal velvet or Banarasi dupatta. And if you wish to be a unique and stylish bride then you can style your bridal Banarasi saree with net dupatta and other stylish dupattas to get a striking appearance.

5. Wear Gorgeous Jewellery 

Wear Gorgeous Jewellery
Wear Gorgeous Jewellery

The most appropriate and gorgeous jewellery further improves your stunning appearance. The time of the wedding event and the saree’s shade and design determine the ideal choice of any jewellery. Wearing the ideal and gorgeous jewellery with your lovely bridal banarasi saree is a great trick to style Banarasi silk sarees as those jewelleries will enhance your bridal look. Also, if you try some distinctive jewellery instead of typical traditional pieces, it will elevate your feminism and make you look more regal on your special day.

Light jewellery would be appropriate if you want a sober and elegant bridal look, whereas big and gorgeous necklaces, earrings and golden bangles are appropriate for the most glamorous bridal appearance. Your bridal Banarasi saree’s look will be completely changed if you wear some appropriate and glamorous jewelleries. 

Wrapping Up

If you want a modern and distinct look on your special day, then you should style it in a unique way. You can try any of these above-mentioned tricks to style your bridal banarasi silk saree in the most unique way. Visit Surati Fabric in case you are looking for the most luxurious banarasi silk saree. This is the top banarasi silk saree wholesaler in Surat, offering a wide collection of gorgeous Banarasi silk sarees at cheapest rates. Check out our latest collection of Banarasi silk sarees, and choose the ideal one for your wedding day at best deals.