Trending Ethnic Wears – Diwali is almost approaching, and buying for it has never been simpler. For the holiday season, we always want to dress up and look our best. We also don’t want to lose out on the opportunity to appear LIT because Diwali is the festival of lights.

Diwali, as a holiday, provides an opportunity for us to dust off our traditional garb and go shopping for new ones. So, here are a few outfits from which you may draw inspiration and look your picture-perfect best this Diwali.

Trending Ethnic Wears
Go Traditional with Trending Ethnic Wears This Diwali Season

This Diwali, add some sparkle to your trending ethnic wears outfit with this collection.

Here are some tips to help you look your best during Diwali:

Shararas and Gararas

Shararas and Gararas are the only items in Indian traditional trending ethnic wears dress that will never go out of style.

These look great with a pair of large earrings and no makeup, as well as a lovely wavy hairdo or a messy bun. You may also pair a Teeka or a Jhoomer with an outfit. They’ll look great with the Jutis or a pair of basic heels.

Pastel colours like rose gold, peach, purple, lime green, and blue are quite popular right now, and they’re great for Diwali since they’re not too heavy.

If you want to opt for a basic and sophisticated appearance, combine your sharara or Garara with a crop top or a Kurti design to give your ensemble an indo-western touch. You may also wear them with a jacket.



Even if they aren’t everyone’s favourite, they are quite comfortable and fashionable. Who knew a basic white t-shirt could be used with a saree or a skirt manufacturers to create so many different looks!! Pairing a jacket-kurta with a pair of jeans can give you an even more distinctive style. A short Anarkali kurti paired with a skirt that falls below the knee is also a wonderful appearance. 


Trending ethnic wears sarees wholesaler are a year-round favourite. People nowadays are wearing their sarees pre-stitched, which gives them a unique look. Ruffled sarees are very popular and appear very elegant and stylish. Because the saree itself is rather heavy, you don’t want to go overboard with your accessories. The saree itself might be simple, but it should be matched with a blouse that is well-embroidered. Floral patterns are a nice choice as well. 

Long Dresses

Long Dresses
Long Dresses

Maxi dresses are a perennial favourite because they look lovely and sophisticated on women of all sizes. A garment with a traditional trending ethnic wears pattern would be a great choice for Diwali. These gowns are quite flexible, with both basic and heavy patterns available. They’re also incredibly comfortable and, when worn properly, look really elegant. 

Top with Dhoti or Palazzo Pants 

This is for the ladies who wish to go for an edgy, striking style. They look great with a blazer and a set of long earrings. This is one of the most fashionable styles, and it’s perfect for a semi-formal occasion. A stunning outfit is a basic crop top and palazzo trousers with a gorgeously embroidered blazer. 


Because there are so many different types of lehengas wholesaler, you have a lot of alternatives. You may choose from flared lehengas or A-line lehengas, or even a crop top with a skirt, if you want a more basic appearance. When worn, they are very beautiful. Crop tops and skirts are very popular, and trending ethnic wear look great with oxidised earrings, a quirky necklace, and Mojris. 


Accessories are a must-have for the ultimate appearance! Accessories offer a layer of flavour and punch to your outfit. However, it is usually preferable to keep things simple. A simple glittering clutch or a velvet handbag is ideal for an embroidered dress. All trending ethnic wears outfits look great with a single statement ring, real antique earrings, striking bangles, and a necklace.

It’s also important to consider your footwear. Heels, sandals, cut shoes, and a variety of other footwear options can be added to complement the outfit’s glitz. Choose antique accessories that complement your style and attire for a complete festive look. We never would have guessed, but there is a lot of effort that goes into creating the ideal appearance!


These were some of the greatest traditional trending ethnic wears Diwali outfits to turn every gathering into a catwalk and the Diwali season into your own personal fashion week. Yes, absolutely! Pick bright hues or brilliant colours that will enlighten your entire personality and make you the highlight of every Diwali celebration you go as a “Bye Bye Hint” for you!

These styles are some of the most adaptable and unique styles to have a trendy Diwali with your friends and family, whether it’s a Diwali house celebration with your family or an office party with your coworkers. Diwali is a festival that everyone enjoys, from toddlers to adults. So, this season, it’s your time to shine brightly and enjoy a LIT Diwali.