Fashionable Modern Blouse Designs to Add A Modern Twist to Your Saree

Blouses are the must-have part of a saree and have been worn by ladies of all age groups in India for the time immortal. The beauty of a saree fully depends on its blouse design. A beautifully designed blouse can glam up the whole look of a saree and even make a simple saree a stunning one. As fashion trends are continually changing, you can also see several changes or transformations in the blouse designs. Blouse manufacturers in Surat are constantly designing a huge variety of modern blouse designs that are super chic and give you a contemporary look. 

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Different Varieties of Modern Blouse Designs to Elevate Your Saree Look for A Special Party with 

Gone are those days when ladies had only a few options of blouse designs that are created with only traditional designs. As ladies are becoming so modern and wishing to experiment with more new designs, a plenty of modern blouse designs have come into the fashion world. Modern blouse designs help you to maintain the latest trend as well as keep your desi style alive. You can effortlessly add a modern twist to your desi look pairing your saree with a modern blouse design. 

However, you need to choose your saree blouse very wisely and attentively as a blouse can make or break the entire look of a saree. Since numerous blouses wholesalers in Surat and other states are selling countless varieties of modern saree blouses, it is difficult to choose the right one. If you are in confusion, check out the top trending modern blouse designs mentioned below and take inspiration from them. 

1. Stylish Off-shoulder Blouse Design 


Off-shoulder blouse design is gaining so much fame these days. These modern blouse designs are becoming a hot favourite of Bollywood celebs and other modern ladies. This voguish blouse allows you to display your beautiful shoulders in an attractive way. These blouses are ideal for cocktail parties, and club parties.

2. Classy Boat Neck Blouse Design


Boat neck blouse designs have been in trend for ages and still they are very much in vogue for its classy look. The wide neckline of this blouse helps you show off your collarbone perfectly. Be it your college fresher’s or farewell, your office party, your own reception party or a club party with friends, you can pair your saree with this blouse to get a sober and aristocratic look.  You can get this blouse at online price from Surat from several famous blouse manufacturers in Surat.

3. Bold Backless Blouse Design 


Do you want to display your back and be the most attractive diva at a party? Then go bold with backless blouse design. These modern blouse designs are very much in trend and an ultimate favourite choice of modern ladies, especially youngsters. 

Several Bollywood divas have also been seen flaunting their backs in backless blouse designs on various special occasions. Since it is backless, it makes you the bold and glamorous diva by exposing your skin. 

4. Sensual Strappy Blouse Design


Are you daring enough and wish to be the hottest showstopper on any special occasion? Then a strappy blouse design would be a better choice for you. These modern blouse designs mainly come with straps instead of sleeves and can make the hottest diva in no time. It would be better to wear these blouses with sequin sarees to get a glamorous appeal. 

5. Innovative Peplum Blouse Design


If you want to create a unique fashion with your distinct look at your office party or any other special party, then peplum blouse design will help you in this. This blouse comes with an innovative ruffle cut at its waist, which adds a flare to the blouse design. This unique ruffle cut of peplum blouse will help you stand out in the crowd. 

6. Cold Shoulder Blouse Design


This is a new fashion trend that has been embraced by lots of modern ladies these days. This latest blouse design has small cuts on the shoulder that helps to show off a little bit of your shoulder. They are very much popular among college-going young girls. 


If you want to try something unique and achieve a tempting look with your saree when attending a special party, choose from any of these above-mentioned modern blouse designs. You can make your simple and traditional saree look immensely attractive and sensual with these blouse designs. 

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