Sarees Blouse Styling Ideas To Try With Different Sarees

The saree is one such Indian costume that is appropriate for any occasion, be it a party, wedding, formal function, or celebratory celebration. The beauty of this Indian outfit is that it can be dressed in a variety of ways, giving you a unique look each time. If you’re not a creative person, check out this blog for some excellent saree styling ideas.

You can plan your saree draping style, sarees blouse styling ideas, and accessories based on the occasion. For traditional occasions such as festivals, you can wear your saris with boat neck shirts and temple jewellery. For a casual day out or a celebration, consider some fun and wacky saree styling ideas. It’s a terrific idea to wear a sari with a spaghetti blouse and accessorise with a silver neckpiece.

Saree style is an art, and anyone can master it with a little imagination. Some interesting ways to wear a saree are to pair it with a modern style top, such as an off-the-shoulder or ruffled-sleeved blouse, or with a shirt or crop top. You may always mix and match your sarees to create stunning ensembles.

sarees blouse styling ideas
Best sarees blouse styling ideas to try with different sarees

Sarees Blouse Styling Ideas

When it comes to bridal trousseau, we include a variety of styles and attires but overlook one important item: blouses, which play an important role in your overall look. Having a trendy and exquisitely made blouse may do wonders and make you seem chic without much expense, whether for special occasions or everyday use. Furthermore, you can wear your saree with different sarees blouse styling ideas to create an entirely different look each time you drape it. So, experiment with your blouse designs as much as you can and try out different styles to turn heads.

Here are some ultimate tips for styling your blouse designs with perfection and oomph:

Keep It Minimal With Florals

We’re confident that you won’t discover more distinctive and elegant sarees blouse styling ideas designs anywhere else. We are in love with this design because of the sequins strap and flowery network on the sarees blouse styling ideas. You can wear it with both a saree and a lehenga – if you want to be a trendsetter this wedding season, make sure you have this one in your closet.

Give attention to the neckline

We are sure you’d agree that when we think of blouses, we tend to focus on the back. What you don’t realise is that you may also play about with the neckline to create the desired look. Simply choose the neckline that best complements your style and body type. There are several necklines to pick from, including a boat neck, a crew neck, a straight neckline, a collar, a mandarin collar, and so on.

Play with sleeves 

Play with sleeves 
Play with sleeves 

Forget about the old-fashioned and monotonous sleeves and try out some trendy styles. Take a chance and play with your sleeves; trust us, you won’t be sorry. Examine the most recent fashion trends. You can even go for puffed or bell-shaped sleeves; the choice is entirely yours.

Flaunt it with latkans

While it is often best to stick to simple designs, tinkering with your appearance won’t hurt. So why not add a little bling to the blouse to amp up the oomph factor? For a unique style, embellish the sarees blouse styling ideas with a latkan, mirrors, or an embroidered patch.

Basics Are The Best

Nothing matches the classic short dori blouse; they look gorgeous with both sarees and lehengas. If you prefer to keep your style simple and understated, this sarees blouse styling ideas design is ideal for you. With this outlandish design, you can keep it tasteful. The embroidery on the shirt adds to the luxurious appearance.

Choose an intriguing back design

Make sure that every time you turn, your unique back blouse design wins hearts. Choose a sheer back for a modern look or a doli back for a more traditional feel; you can choose any style that best matches your needs. Scallop cut, deep back, and bow back are some additional stunning back designs to explore. You can also develop your own own style.

Stripe It Out With Tassels

Go celebstyle with these blouse designs, especially this tassel blouse design with stripes. The design is fresh and one-of-a-kind, and it has already piqued our interest. You’ve probably seen celebs wearing the same thing. Make a statement this wedding season by slaying in this gorgeous blouse style.


Aside from sarees blouse styling ideas patterns, you can experiment with odd accessories such as wearing a boot with a saree or adding a striking belt to the sari, for example. The draping style of a saree is very important in establishing the overall aesthetic. There are numerous sari draping styles, such as dhoti style, pant style, nivi style, gujrati style, lehenga style, and so on. To provide you with saree styling ideas, we’ve included a few photographs below that you can use as inspiration.

This wedding season, win hearts with your distinctive sarees blouse styling ideas designs and start a trend like no other.