Different types of kurtis – It has been observed that women’s fashion changes significantly since the last decade. Various types of designer clothes become popular owing to clothes’ comfortness. One of the most popular different types of Kurtis, due to its own advantages. It is suitable for every type of clothes such as jeans, pants, salwar suits, plazzo, leggings, Patiala, and culottes. It is included in the list of comfortable clothes. As a result, designers like to find different types of kurtis which are become popular among the fashion industries. We provide more than 67 different types of kurtis designs which are working well in cutting edge.

Numerous research has been conducted by multiple fashion industries on women’s comfortable and fashionable clothes choices. Approximately 55% of women preferred kurtis, and dresses. That is why it is important for you to gain in-depth knowledge about trendy types of kurtis designs. Nowadays, it is very popular among the world owing to its creative designs and fashionable look. 

Different Types of Kurtis Designs
67 Different Types of Kurtis Designs Popular for Unique Fashion Trends

Best guidance of different types of kurtis

Different types of Kurtis are the most elegant, fabulous, and fantastic choice of women. Every age’s groups of people like to wear kurtis due to its popularity. Along with comfortness, it is also enhancing the beauty of ladies. Nowadays, due to advancement of technologies and different types of fabric availability kurtis are widely popular form of clothes. We like to share different types of kurtis, which are helpful to know about the diversity in kurtis design. Different types of Kurtis is very comfortable and is widely worn in India by women of all ages in India

After showing all categories of kurtis you are confusing which different types of kurtis are best for you. Don’t worry we will provide useful tips which are helpful to find the best kurtis for you. Now we move to the different types of kurtis designs which are significantly useful in our daily routine life.

List of 46 different types of kurtis

1) Designer Kurtis

Designer Kurtis
Designer Kurtis

On the first list, we love to talk about designer Kurtis designs and patterns. It is a very popular different types of Kurtis in the last few months. There have been considerable changes we can see in this designer Kurtis. It is suitable for all types of clothes. It looks fabulous. Especially, enhance the looking style for girls. Another interesting fact about designer kurtis are that it is wearing at several events such as wedding, college, office, and even daily routine. Get Latest collection different types of kurtis from designer kurtis manufacturers is very comfortable. That is why, it is widely preferable clothes choice of girls.

2) Printed Kurtis

Printed Kurtis
Printed Kurtis

Printed Kurtis wholesaler are also one of the most favourable choices for girls. It looks simple but increase the looking style. That is why it is the most popular fashion choice among women. It is preferred by different types of kurtis age’s group of ladies. Additionally, it is appropriate on leggings, and salwar suit. Due to numerous printed variety it is become popular, we guess more than 30% of girls preferred printed kurtis for comfortable choice.

There are numerous types of printed kurtis manufacturers are available in the market such as kalamkari prints, floral prints, digital prints, geometric prints, and chiffon prints. Due to diversity on printed kurtis girls can easy to attract towards printed kurtis.

3) Cotton Kurtis

Cotton Kurtis
Cotton Kurtis

Latest collection Cotton Kurti is the most prominent choice for girls. Especially, it is selected for the fabric. Cotton is the most suitable fabric in the summer season. There are numerous types of designs available in cotton Kurtis. The most popular is mandarin collar cotton kurtis style.  Hence, it is the first choice of many ladies.

4) Fancy Kurtis

Fancy Kurtis
Fancy Kurtis

Wholesale Fancy Kurtis are the well-known choice for those girls who like to look something different rest of the world. The variety of fancy kurti is tremendous. Particularly, young girls like to wear fancy kurtis on various occasions. It is wear at special occasion like wedding, traveling, and birthday. Due to competition among designers we see numerous variety in fancy kurtis categories. You can buy fancy kurtis online shopping from India.

5) Chikan Kurtis

Chikan Kurtis
Chikan Kurtis

Chikan Kurtis wholesaler are a popular choice of every age woman. It looks simple and comfortable.  It is suitable for jeans, and palazzos. It is a favourite of College girls. Additionally, best selling chikan kurtis is also famous at certain occasions like business meeting. Along with popularities, it is also included in the most fashionable kurtis list.

6) Georgette Kurtis 

latest trends Georgette kurtis are also one of the most fashionable choices of girls. It is extremely strong due to its fabric. Moreover, it is lightweight, so it is included in the list of comfortness. After wearing georgette Kurtis, girl is looking gorgeous. It is suitable on salwar and Patiala.

7) Long Sleeves Kurtis

Long Sleeves Kurtis
Long Sleeves Kurtis

Long sleeves Kurtis are the most eminent choice for girls. Women like to wear long sleeves Kurtis, particularly in certain locations such as temples, and office work. It is also popular due to different types of sleeve designs. They look vibrant and elegant. Buy long sleeves kurtis at best price for online shopping India.

8) Digital printed kurtis

Digital printed kurtis
Digital printed kurtis

Different types of Kurtis are not only famous for its comfortness but also for designers. It is easy to add numerous types of print in kurtis. We do not think that you never heard digital printed Kurtis’s name, but I guess you know. It is simple printed various kinds of kurtis. It is famous after people know about the meaning of digital. It kurtis also included in the list of printed kurtis.

9) Straight Kurtis

Straight Kurtis
Straight Kurtis

Straight kurtis are another favourite choice of women. Straight kurtis are suitable on jeans and leggings. It looks fabulous. It is also suitable for important functions. Such as weddings, and parties. There are multiple types of straight kurtis wholesaler are available in the market, but it is your choice which different types of kurtis designs you would like to wear.

10) Rayon Kurtis

67 Different Types of Kurtis Designs Popular for Unique Fashion Trends Sarees

Rayon Kurtis are popular in winter season. It is also known as formal Kurtis. The most interesting things about rayon kurtis designs are that it is suitable for a young person. Therefore, numerous girls like to wear for jobs and college.

11) Catalog Kurtis

Catalog Kurtis
Catalog Kurtis

latest trending Catalog Kurtis is the most elegant choice for girls. It is available in certain types of colours. The important thing is that catalog Kurtis depends on the fabric. Women like to wear for good fabric. It is also suitable on leggings.

12) Indo Western Kurtis

Indo Western Kurtis
Indo Western Kurtis

Modern look Indo western Kurtis are the most outstanding Kurtis which is popular among all age’s types of people. It is suitable on jeans and leggings. It is also popular on occasions like weddings, fashion events and business meetings. Girls can easy to find diversity in indo western kurtis.

13) Embroidery work kurti

Embroidery work kurti
Embroidery work kurti

There are numerous people like to wear embroidered work clothes. When it comes to embroidered kurtis designs, it is the most favourable choice for Indian women. We see numerous types of different work materials in embroidery kurti. It is popular for one specific reason, everyone have their own choice regarding design. Women have authority to prints various design depends on their interest.

14) Long kurtis

Long kurtis
Long kurtis

Long kurtis for women are least favourite categories kurtis. It is not as much as popular as other kurtis. It is like for those girls who are tall. Moreover, it is suitable on all types of clothes. Another interesting point is that it is look fantastic, but due to its limitation it is note in unpopular kurtis list.

15) Stylish kurtis

It is favourite by millions of girls. Stylish kurtis are also popular for those girls who are addicted with Instagram, Facebook, and other social media applications. They like to make numerous video with stylish kurtis designs and patterns. Additionally, it is also looking attractive. Therefore, the majority of girls like to wear stylish kurtis for their first fashion choice.

16) Short kurtis

Short kurtis
Short kurtis

Short kurtis are looking dashing on girls. It is also suitable on those girls whose height is short. Moreover, it is preferable choice on travel, and long drive occasion. It is also give eye catching look so people can easy to attract. The most eminent choice in short kurtis is that trends for party wear short kurtis.

17) Palazzo Kurtis

Palazzo Kurtis
Palazzo Kurtis

It is another favourite Indian kurtis, which is preferred by those girls who like to live simple life. It is suitable on salwar. latest collection Palazzo kurtis are wear on social gathering, temple, and school.

18) Jaipuri kurtis

Jaipuri kurtis
Jaipuri kurtis

Best selling Jaipuri kurtis famous from Jaipur. It is the most unique design of Jaipur city. Nowadays, it is very popular in the world, owing to its magnificent popularity. Girls like to wear at wedding occasion. Jaipuri kurtis are famous for different design and print. Find here latest design jaipuri kurtis from Jaipur.

19) Anarkali kurtis

Anarkali kurtis
Anarkali kurtis

It is the most diversity categories kurtis. Ladies like because of numerous variety and comfortness. It is suitable on jeans, salwar kameez, and leggings. It is wear at several formal events. The interesting fact about trends for anarkali kurtis is that the name is choose from famous ancient Bollywood dancer name.

20) Denim kurtis

Denim kurtis
Denim kurtis

Latest trend Denim kurti are also most preferable for girls. It is suitable on jeans. It is easy choice for girls to select them. It is prefer at college, function, and job. It is the invented after women denim jeans become popular in the world.

21) Front Slit kurtis

Front Slit kurtis
Front Slit kurtis

Front slit kurtis wholesale are looking different than other types of kurtis. There are few of young girls like to wear it due to its awkward look. In the front it comes with high slit. Another interesting point is that it is dependent on leggings, paint, jeans, and salwar. It is less popular types of front slit kurtis, although certain types of age group people like to wear it.   

22) Slit Kurtis

Slit Kurtis
Slit Kurtis

There are numerous types of slit we see with kurtis. Designer like to do thousand of experiment with the kurtis and may be this is the prior reason to invention of slit kurtis. It is comes with different types of slit kurtis such as slide slit, front slit, and cold shoulder slit as well. It gives tremendous beauty of girls and looking unique rest of the worlds.

23) Silk Kurtis

 Silk Kurtis
Silk Kurtis

Best silk kurtis are become eminent in recent years. Before, few decades ago, silk is popular for look but not comfortable clothes. Owing to thousands of experiments with silk, it become comfortable cloth. Nowadays, women like to wear different types of silk clothes. Among all, silk kurtis is also prominent categories of silk clothes. It looks fantastic. It is highly recommended at wedding function.

24) Branded Kurtis

Branded Kurtis
Branded Kurtis

Branded kurtis designs are depend on specific brands. Every organization wants their kurtis are become eminent. Therefore, they try to increase the look of kurtis. Specific brands have certain types of designing kurtis. The interesting fact is that best selling of branded kurtis are depending on brand values. However, you have capability to choose perfect brands for kurtis. Girls like to wear at festival, wedding, and routine life.

25) Bandhani kurtis

Bandhani kurtis
Bandhani kurtis

Stylish bandhani kurtis is ancient traditional sarees name. Owing to its popularity, it is added in the kurtis categories. It looks outstanding. Especially, girls like to wear at wedding ceremony and religion events. Girls easy to find diversity in bandhani kurtis categories.Find here different types of Kurtis Design in India.

List of different types of kurtis

  • Net Kurti
  • Floor Length
  • Chiffon Kurtis
  • Flared Kurtis
  • Angrakha Kurtis
  • Crape Kurtis
  • Daily Wear Kurtis
  • Khadi Kurtis
  • Casual Kurtis
  • Block Print Kurtis
  • Linen Kurtis
  • Tail Cut Kurtis
  • Polyester Kurtis
  • Handloom Kurtis
  • Kalamkari Kurtis
  • Woolen Kurtis
  • Muslin Kurti
  • Ajrakh Kurtis
  • Plain Kurtis
  • Jacket Style Kurtis
  • Dhoti Kurti
  • A-line Kurti
  • Trail Cut Kurti
  • Pakistani Kurti
  • Shirt Kurti
  • High-low Kurti
  • Cape Style Kurti
  • Kurta With Pocket
  • Dhoti-style Kurti
  • Kaftan-style Kurti
  • Asymmetric Kurti
  • Twofold Layered Kurti
  • Reversible Kurti
  • Pintuck Kurti
  • Kurti With Jacket
  • Layered Kurti
  • Gown Style Kurti
  • Cowl Kurti
  • C-cut Kurti
  • Tulip Kurti
  • Shirt Style Kurtas.
  • Frock Kurti

Latest Trending Types of Kurtis Names For Designs and Patterns


How can you pick up right from different types of kurtis?   

It is very confusing question for everyone. As we earlier promised, we should give appropriate tips which are useful to finalize perfect set of kurtis for you. First you need have intention, where you would like to wear. If you are know about the place, it will easy for you to finalize from different types of kurtis. Additionally, another important aspect is that length, print, and sleeves. Try different types of kurtis, and decide which types are suitable on you. After that, you go for online shop. 

We believe that our short guidance is useful for you, and you have a perfect knowledge about different types of kurtis design. If you are still here, we are appreciate your passion. If you like to know about different types of sarees information, you would definitely check it different types of Kurtis designs.