Skirts are one of the most stylish western wear outfits. For their unique styles, fashionable cuts and patterns, skirts have been the most preferred western wear choices among all the fashionable ladies for a long time. Since skirts have been worn for centuries, various types of skirts have developed as a result of variations in skirt length and fullness. Skirt designs can be voluminous or figure-hugging. Skirts can alter the hemline or draw attention to a waistline.

Every girl’s wardrobe contains at least one skirt, whether it be for petticoats, a divided skirt, a half slip, or another use. This piece of fabric has been sewed into a variety of sorts and styles to fit every body type and current fashion trends. You’ll be happy to know that there are lots of options available if you’re looking for different types of skirts wholesalers surat. This suggests that you have unlimited alternatives for experimenting with various types of skirts. However, choosing the right skirt according to your body type is not an easy task as you can find different types of skirts at several shops. In order to better assist you in this, we are going to tell you about various types of skirts in today’s article. So, please read the full article to know about all types of skirts. 

Different Types of Skirts Every Woman Must Try to Get A Fashionable Look

A skirt is a type of tube-shaped attire that hangs from the waist. However, it is a very adaptable tube that may make the wearer smart, feminine, flirty, warm, elegant, prim and proper, or adventurous.

Skirts have always been a mainstay in the clothing industry, regardless of how much the trend changes. When it comes to selecting the appropriate attire for the day, a skirt gives you options for appearances ranging from the most formal to the most informal. Skirts have grown to be one of the most popular pieces in the average wardrobe because they come in a variety of styles and lengths. 

As one can get numerous different types of skirts from lots of cloth wholesalers, it is really hard to select the best and most appropriate one from the various types of skirts. To help you choose the best one, we have created a list of skirt types which will help you to know everything about all types of skirts. Scroll down to quickly scan the various types of skirts available and decide which one would look best on you.

List of Skirt Names

Check out the list of skirt types mentioned below to know about different types of skirts. 

  • Printed Skirts
  • Cotton Skirts
  • Long Skirts
  • Designer Skirts
  • Mini Skirts
  • Denim Skirts
  • Party SKirts
  • Women Cotton Skirts
  • Girls Skirts
  • Short Skirts
  • Pleated Skirts
  • Gypsy Skirts
  • Embroidered Skirts
  • Silk Skirts
  • Ladies Rayon Skirts
  • Fashion Skirts
  • Knee Length Skirts
  • Sports Skirts
  • Casual Skirts
  • Leather Skirts
  • Divided Skirts
  • Pencil Skirts
  • Patchwork Skirts
  • Formal Skirts
  • Rajasthani Skirts
  • Women Skirts
  • Crochet Skirts
  • High Waist Skirts
  • Jeans Skirts
  • Knitted Skirts
  • Frill Skirts
  • Satin Skirts
  • Beach Skirts
  • Layered Skirts
  • Crinkle Skirts
  • Mid Length Skirts
  • A-line skirts
  • Asymmetrical skirts
  • Box pleat skirts
  • Circular skirts
  • Cowl skirts
  • Gathered skirts
  • Godet and gored skirtss
  • Handkerchief skirts
  • High/low skirts
  • High waisted skirts
  • Mermaid or fishtail skirts
  • Miniskirts
  • Peplum skirts
  • Sarong skirts
  • Tiered and layered skirts
  • Tulip skirts
  • Wrap skirts
  • Yoke skirts
  • Fitted skirts
  • Gathered skirt / Full skirts
  • Flared skirts
  • Draped Skirts
  • Circle skirts
  • Gored skirts
  • Godet skirts
  • Trumpet skirts
  • Asymmetrical Hem skirts
  • Bubble Skirts
  • Balloon Skirts
  • Tiered skirts
  • Dirndl skirts
  • Bell Shaped Skirts
  • Bustle Skirts
  • Broomstick Skirts
  • Gypsy/Tiered Skirts
  • High-Waisted Skirts
  • Maxi Skirts
  • Mermaid/Fishtail Skirts
  • Mini and Micromini Skirts
  • Peasant Skirts
  • Pencil/Tube Skirts
  • Poodle Skirts
  • Skater Skirts
  • Skorts Skirts
  • Straight Skirts
  • Trouser Skirts
  • Tutu Skirts
  • Ball Gown Skirts
  • Hoop Skirts
  • Ballet Skirts
  • Bubble Skirt
  • Bustled Skirts
  • Broomstick Skirt
  • Mermaid Skirts
  • Micromini Skirts
  • Bodycon Skirts
  • Box Pleated Skirts
  • Ethnic Maxi Skirts
  • Tulle Skirts
  • Lace Skirts
  • Button Up Skirts
  • Cargo Skirts
  • Drindl Skirts
  • Godet Pleat Skirts
  • High Low Skirts
  • Hobble Skirts
  • Inverted Pleat Skirts
  • Midi Skirts
  • Paneled Skirts
  • Pegged Skirts
  • Accordion Skirts
  • Poddle Skirts
  • Prairie Skirts
  • Boho Skirts
  • Rah-Rah Skirts
  • Ruffle Skirts
  • Scooter Skirts
  • Slip Skirts
  • Tea Length

This is the complete list of skirt types available in the market. Now that you know about the list of skirts names, let’s discuss everything about some different types of skirts in detail. 

1. Printed Skirts

Printed Skirts
Printed Skirts

Do you have a closet full of uninteresting, plain clothing? Would you like more color in your life? Then you won’t ever regret adding the colorful printed skirts to your wardrobe! Skirts with prints are vibrant and exciting. Experts believe that choosing the proper print can make you look dazzling. Among all types of skirts, print skirts are the most suitable attire for all body types. These figure-flattering skirts really are amazing and may completely change the way you look! Choose this beautiful skirt from the list of skirt types. 

2. Cotton Skirts

Cotton skirt is the most famous skirt name in the list of skirts names. Cotton is a very soothing and soft fabric, which makes cotton skirts highly popular. The cotton skirt is incredibly light to wear and suitable for all types of weather. The cotton skirts are ideal for everyday wear, excellent for the office, and easy to manage. 

The cotton skirts flatter every body type and size and go well with them. Pick this most comfortable skirt from the various types of skirts and get supreme comfort during the summer season. 

3. Long Skirts

Long Skirts

Long skirts are the most renowned skirts among all types of skirts for contemporary youth. They are airy, ideal for wearing through dreary long days, and suitable for a variety of occasions. These long ethnic skirts have gained popularity among many students and professional women due to their adaptability. Our favourite skirt appears to be in popularity this decade if you’re looking for this kind of look and want to add modern trends to your wardrobe.

4. Designer Skirts

Designer Skirts

Any lady who enjoys dressing in the newest trends considers a designer skirt as an asset. Designer skirts are cozy, and incredibly fashionable among various types of skirts. They can instantly elevate your appearance.

A diverse range of designer skirts are available in various eye-catching designs such as embroidery-designed skirts, applique-designed skirts, zari-designed skirts, and so on. Designer skirts are the most glamorous and royal skirts among all types of skirts. You can wear this at a cocktail party, reception, sangeet, Mehendi, girls’ night out, brunch, birthday party, business meeting, dinner date and so on. Shilpa Shetty, Kajol, Deepika Padukone, Kriti Sanon, Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, and many other famous Bollywood actresses have been spotted wearing these incredibly gorgeous and elegant outfits.

5. Mini Skirts

Although there are different types of skirts available in the market, the most loved one from the list of skirt types is the mini skirt. As implied by the name, it is straight cut and stops halfway down your thighs. This type of skirt comes in a range of materials, leather, rexine, and denim complement this look well. All the youngsters love to wear this stylish outfit at any party. You will get a bold and sexy look by wearing this skirt. 

6. Denim Skirts

Denim Skirts
Denim Skirts

For a smooth transition from summer to fall, you must opt for a denim skirt. Although the lighter varieties are available if you prefer something lighter, they are often darker in color. This is one of the most stylish and modern skirts among various types of skirts. You will get a smart and elegant look by wearing this skirt. From different types of skirts, you must choose this one to try as office wear. 

6. Party Skirts

Party Skirts

These are the most ideal western attire among all types of skirts. A party skirt should be among every girl’s wardrobe essentials. Party skirts come in a wide range of styles, from basic leather to sequin and sparkle.

Wear a solid-colored top if your party skirt is sparkly or sequined. Choose vibrant, glittering tops if your party skirt is leather or any other type of fabric. Wear high heels to complete the look. You will get a smart look by wearing this stylish skirt. 

7. Short Skirts

Short-length skirts are called short skirts. Mary Quant, a dress designer, popularized this skirt. Since it requires so little fabric, it is inexpensive to purchase. Short skirts might be flared, round, or even more classically fitting. Short skirts made of denim go well with casual attire.

This is one of the most fashionable skirts among all types of skirts. You will get a sexy and tempting look by wearing this one. We also have this particular skirt in our list of skirt types and we offer this at the cheapest price. 

8. Pleated Skirts

This is a unique style skirt among all types of skirts. The belt or yoke is surrounded by pleats or a single pleat in this type of skirt. This sort of skirt is typically used for formal occasions or for school. Lighter materials like organza, silk, and satin are typically used to produce pleated skirts since heavier materials can cause the pleats to puff out and take on an unflattering form. Among various types of skirts, this one is a comfortable and lightweight skirt that you can carry easily. 

9. Gypsy Skirts

Gypsy skirts, which originated in the gypsy cult, are typically very long. These often consist of cloth tiers that are linked to the hem and are wrinkly and ruffled up. This is also very unique in style among various types of skirts. If you want to get a more fashionable and unique look, then you can surely add this one to the list of skirt types. 

10. Knee Length Skirts

Skirts that are just above or just below the knee are referred to as being knee-length.

The knee-length skirt is currently in style. Among all types of skirts, It is the most attractive skirt length for all body shapes. The trend of wearing knee-length skirts is returning. With this outfit, you can look chic, modern and fashionable. These skirts are ideal to wear at your workplace and even at any party or other event. 

11. Sports Skirts

Sports Skirts
Sports Skirts

Sports skirts are crucial for keeping your wardrobe functional and diverse. They are the most comfortable and ideal skirts among various types of skirts when you are playing tennis or other games. Sports skirts come in a variety of designs, from simple, all-purpose jersey styles to more specialized forms with pleats, slits, and an underlayer of hidden shorts. Elasticized waists, top-notch breathable materials, and cozy fits with loose, flexible fits are the features of a sports skirt. 

12. Leather Skirts

Among different types of skirts, leather skirts are timeless and multipurpose pieces of clothing. They are appropriate for a variety of formal, casual, and semi-formal occasions. They come in different lengths and go well with a blazer or a shirt. You can look so smart and stylish by wearing these most stylish pieces.

13. Divided Skirts

A divided skirt is also one of the unique styles among different types of skirts. Divided skirts have two legs, like pants. However, it appears to have wide flares. For having this unique style, many fashionable women prefer this innovative style rather than other various types of skirts. You can pick this skirt from our list of skirts types to get an extraordinary look at any party. 

14. Pencil Skirts

This is the most stylish skirt among all types of skirts which will offer you a tempting and modern look. A pencil skirt has a straight and precise hemline that tapers from the knee down. These skirts are a timeless choice for a variety of occupations and environments, including formal occasions and business situations. Pencil skirts are excellent for making your legs appear longer and are frequently used in business or professional situations. 

15. Patchwork Skirts

Patchwork skirts are extremely lightweight and made from soft materials like cotton and art silk. These skirts are breathable and absorbent, keeping the wearer at ease at all times. Patchwork skirts are created by sewing together various fabric patches with various prints and designs to create clothing that has an elegant and stylish appearance. These skirts are perfect for wearing to events like parties, outings, movies, festivals, and other celebrations.

A patchwork skirt can be found in a variety of patchwork styles, including traditional patchwork skirts, floral patchwork skirts, and denim patchwork skirts. You must choose this one from our list of skirts names if you want to wear some comfy outfit on the hottest days of summer. 

16. Rajasthani Skirts

Rajasthani Skirts
Rajasthani Skirts

Rajasthani skirts are the most beautiful and attractive ethnic wear among all types of skirts and the designs on them are meticulously crafted to create an outfit that perfectly balances ethnic and western clothing. A Rajasthani skirt can be worn with many different types of top wear garments, including tops and t-shirts. By pairing the Rajasthani skirt with various top wear, you can create the ideal casual wear look that is appropriate for both daily use and outings. The proper accessories and jewelry may complete the outfit.

17.Crochet Skirts

Crochet skirts are light and airy by nature, and they enhance the wearer’s beauty. Additionally, crochet skirts come in a variety of patterns and designs and give the wearer a classy, elegant appearance.

You can wear crochet skirts throughout the spring, summer, fall, and winter. They are the ideal all-season clothing among all types of skirts. You may get a wide variety of crochet skirt designs. The crochet maxi skirt is a favorite choice of many women, but there are also mini skirts, boho skirts, lacy skirts, and other crochet skirt styles available in the market. 

18. High Waist Skirts

Among various types of skirts, this is one of the most well-known and preferred western wear choices among modern ladies. This form of skirt has a broader and higher waist than other different types of skirts, which is how it differs from the others. Both short and long high-waisted skirts are available in the market. 

Almost all the women consider this skirt as the most stylish skirt in the list of skirt types. You will surely get an adorable look by wearing this one. You can wear them at any nightclub party, and even at the office party. 

19. Jeans Skirts

A jeans skirt is also called a denim skirt. This skirt is composed of denim, the same fabric as blue jeans. Jeans skirts are available in a variety of cuts and lengths to fit various body types and events. For instance, older generations frequently wear full-length jeans skirts. Teenagers and young adults frequently wear short jeans skirts. Among different types of skirts, this is one of the most fashionable skirts which you can try to get a modern look. 

20. Knitted Skirts

One of the best skirts among all types of skirts to wrap yourself in woolly layers is the knitted skirt. Fortunately, there are many knitted skirts available to pick from, covering every price range and coming in both traditional and trendy styles. You can wear this stylish skirt at your office, your college or also at a party. 

21. Satin Skirts

Satin skirts are suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Among various types of skirts, this one strikes a modern note when paired with a blazer and a stylish top. However, when paired with sneakers and a sweater, it creates the basis of a smart uniform.

22. Beach Skirts

Beach skirts are a multipurpose piece of apparel that is a must-have for any lady’s wardrobe while visiting the beach. You can wear them with a stylish top and a sandal or just over your swimwear and take them off before entering the ocean.

23. Layered Skirts

Layered skirts are also known as the tiered skirt. This is also one of the most popular types of skirts among different types of skirts. The multiple layers of fabric are joined at the hem of this skirt. Each layer’s length and width could be the same or different. Each produces a unique appearance. The material utilized might not always be the same. You will get an extraordinary look by wearing this beautiful skirt. Hence, you pick this one from the list of skirt types to wear on any special occasion. 

24. Crinkle Skirts

A crinkle skirt, often known as a broomstick skirt, has a distinctly “crinkled” appearance. These skirts are one of the most unique skirts among various types of skirts for their crinkled appearance. These skirts are a fairly common option for women who want a bohemian look. Crinkle skirts are a great option for anything from special occasions to everyday wear because there are such a vast array of patterns and styles available. You must pick this one from the list of skirt types to get a unique and adorable look. 


These are some most fashionable skirts you can wear at a party or at your workplace. We hope that you have got the proper idea about different types of skirts by reading this blog. On Textile Infomedia’s website, you can find various cloth wholesalers who offer all types of skirts at reasonable costs. Check our site and purchase the most fashionable skirt for any occasion.